The 55th International Belgrade Book Fair

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The 55th International Belgrade Book Fair

Laszlo Vegel, a prominent domestic author and Asa Lind, an established children stories writer from Sweden, will be opening this year’s 55th edition of the International Book Fair in Belgrade, to be held between 25 and 31 October.

The brute surface of 31,050 square metres will house more than 800 publishers from Serbia and abroad. To be precise, 423 independent exhibitors and over 400 of those belonging to associations will be joined by various distributors. This coupled by the fact 700 journalists have been accredited for the event, it is obvious the book fair will be a well covered event.

Entrance fee for the International Book Fair will be 150 dinars for group visits, 250 dinars for individual visits, while Tuesday, 26 October has been labelled as Family Day and parents with children will be able to enter the fair area for 600 dinars. October 28 will be School Day, while the opening hours are 10am to 8pm. The fair’s slogan this year will be "Get Smart".

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